Thank you for taking the time to Make Your Voice Count!  Over the next few months, we are undertaking an extensive planning project which, with your feedback, will help us prioritize Capital and other investments. This plan is an important component for the Cost of Service application going to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).

As a licensed electricity distributor, Algoma Power serves 11,700+ residential and business customers in a 14,200 sq. km service area. We also post, on an annual basis, a Scorecard of OEB approved performance metrics.

Customers have told us there is a need to meet both current and future needs. We are also being mindful of costs which is why we are undertaking an extensive planning project.

Could you give us about 5 minutes of your time to answer questions about  Algoma Power? Your wisdom will help us create a thoughtful and prioritized investment plan to ensure we meet your expectations. We’ve partnered with UtilityPULSE to collect and analyze the data, who will ensure individual responses remain confidential.


Thank you in advance for your participation!


Jennifer Rose

Regional Manager

Algoma Power

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